DevilHouse is an imprint of AngelHousePress seeking to publish transgressive literary work in the form of short story collections, novellas, novel excerpts, flash fiction, one-act plays and creative  nonfiction in limited edition chapbooks. The editor of DevilHouse is Amanda Earl, a polyamorous poetesse, vispoet, fiction-eer and editrix who has been publishing her work since 2001 and editing poetry and prose since 2003/2004.

UPDATE: May, 2018: We are taking a hiatus from publishing chapbooks and focusing on AngelHousePress for now.

Update: December, 2017: Note that I've received a lot of manuscripts by men, so for now, i'm going to ask that only women and genderqueer writers send me work.

Word count:  Between 5, 000 to 15,000 words. Please send submissions as .doc, docx, rtf or pdf files to along with a current bio and photo & a link to your website, blog & social media info.

Authors will receive ten copies as payment, and will have the option to buy more copies at a reduced price if they live in North America. The chapbooks will be available for sale on line via Paypal and at book fairs. We are looking for lively, intelligent in-the-moment prose that kicks against the pricks. No memoirs of World War II or stories of grandmama's tea parties please. Genre fiction is not ruled out.

We ask that authors refrain from republishing the work for a period of six months following publication or until the chapbooks are sold out, whichever comes first. We also request that DevilHousePress be credited if the work is republished.

While the work can be previously published, we prefer that it be out of print or hard to obtain or not currently posted on line.

For queries, please contact

Update: January 11, 2018

Announcing a free close reading service for new women and gender queer prose writers. 

WHAT:  I will read up to 1000 words of your prose, offer editing suggestions and possibly suggest prose to read;

WHO:   new writers, not yet published with a press (chapbook or spine), who identify as women or genderqueer; 

HOW:   send doc, docx, rtf or pdf file to; name a contemporary influence;

WHEN:           anytime; work read on a first come first served basis, one poet per month;

WHERE:         wordwide;

WHY:             lack of chapbook submission by women and genderqueer writers; an attempt to encourage and mentor;

COST:             free.