DevilHouse is a playground for the transgressive. We explore the concept of transgession in literature, film, theatre, visual art, graphic novels & any other creative media that you help us discover.

DevilHouse is a home for non conformists. Welcome!

To read an in depth interview about DevilHouse/AngelHousePress, please go to Entropy Magazine.

DevilHouse publishes limited edition transgressive pamphlets or chapbooks in the disciplines of short fiction, creative nonfiction, & theatre, the latter in the form of short plays.

DevilHouse is for subversion of themes, genres, styles, language, convention.

The patron saints of DevilHouse, if you will allow a perversion, are

Barney Rosset, the editor of Grove Press, who fought against American obscenity laws to get Lady Chatterly's Lover into the USA, published Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer despite the lawsuits over its sexually explicit language, was the first publisher of William Burrough's Naked Lunch. & Alan Moore, for many reasons, but mainly because of his essay, "BOG VENUS VERSUS NAZI COCK-RING: Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography" Originally published in Arthur Vol. 1, No. 25 (Nov 2006)

DevilHouse is stories, your own & those gleaned from your imagination.

DevilHouse is for the kinds of characters who don't make it into print, people who live outside the mainstream.

DevilHouse is for the unspoken, the underdog, the underpublished, the unnamed, the unfulfilled, the unapologetic, the uncompromising.

DevilHouse considers work in English from any part of the world by writers of all genders, sexual orientations, geographies, ethnicities.

DevilHouse doesn't  mind good genre fiction whether it be smut, horror, mystery or that old-fashioned word, literary.

DevilHouse's feisty older brother is fellow Ottawa shit disturber Black Bile Press/Front&Centre Magazine, helmed by Matthew Firth with the assistance of Bill Brown. & we also gratefully acknowledge the great work of fellow Canadian writer & publisher Mark McCawley for his Urban Graffiti zine.

DevilHouse is fine with reprints & previously published work.

Like its other trouble making half, AngelHousePress, DevilHouse publishes chapbooks in a limited edition of 50 copies with no reprints at a reasonable price & pay its authors in the form of copies & the opportunity to purchase additional copies at half price.